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PhD Łukasz Zaborowski

lukasz.zaborowski@sobieski.org.pl | +48 500 225 932
Expert in transportation and regional development.

Topics: interregional disproportions in development, territorial cohesion policy, national and voivodeship development strategies, forming a network of settlement centres, planning transport systems, urban functional areas, territorial division of the state

Expert Publications

President of the Radom Scientific Society. Former employee of the planning office in Radom and academic lecturer in Kraków. Academically, he deals with the territorial-administrative structure of the country, professionally – with the support of crisis regions and public transport planning. A proponent of balance – in development, in space, in transportation; also in life. He laments the destruction of the Polish landscape and architectural kitsch. A lover of European civilisation and republican values. In his free time he explores the cultural heritage of the Radom region, is active in the School of New Evangelisation and sings in a vocal quartet; sometimes he rides his bike in the Alps