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Bartłomiej Michałowski

bartlomiej.michalowski@sobieski.org.pl | +48 601 286 429
Expert in new technologies

Topics: innovation, information society, e-government, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and civil liberties.

Expert Publications

He has been involved in the ICT market for over 20 years. He deals with ICT solutions for government administration, local government, the uniformed services, energy, education, healthcare and Industry 4.0. He has worked for Orange, CISCO, Hewlett-Packard, Statoil and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Author of the report “The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Poland” and “(Truly) digital Poland”. Sobieski Institute expert since 2006, Board member since May 2019.

Co-founder and president of the Normal State Association, author of two books about Poland and studies on Single-Member Electoral Districts.